Diplomats of Solid Sound is an American band and song writing powerhouse. Their songs have appeared in dozens of hit TV shows and movies throughout their 20 year career.  With more than 30 million streams, the Diplomats have a dedicated following in Europe and North America. 

The band's new full length album, “A Higher Place,” was released worldwide on June 21st 2019 through Chicago's Pravda Records.  

Originally from Iowa City IA, the band has members residing in Chicago IL, Austin TX, and various parts of Iowa.  They converge on Iowa City periodically to write, record, and ponder another 20 years of great records and rare public performances. 

The Ladies: 

Sarah Cram - vocals 

Katharine Ruestow - vocals 

Abbie Sawyer - vocals 

The Gents: 

Nate “Count” Basinger - organ, piano 

Forrest Heusinkveld - drums, percussion 

Eddie McKinley - saxophone 

Douglas Roberson - guitar 

Ben Soltau - bass